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On Blogging

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How to start your blog


Blogger Tutorials



This tutorial teaches you how to open a blog in blogspot.com and how to create a blog post. 




Changing Background



Changing Background - Advanced 


Page with all blogs


Ideas for the project 


Good morning partners,


I had been thinking of sending this e-mail before, but since I knew you would probably be very busy with your presentations I postponedd  it. By the way, I just love it. I am sorry I did not see before. As I told you, I am not very much of a multitasker and when we reach Week 4 or 5 its always the beginning of the school year and I get a bit too involved with in-service, projects, and preparation for the new semester. So, that's why I had not seen your presentation or knew any details about your group project. 


Getting to the point, your presentation was really inspiring and I was thinking we could have some skype interviews and conferences along the way with students and ourselves. What do you think?


Concerning the first writing task, we will be doing ours in the next two weeks. This is  part of the syllabus and is process writing. They will have to write about their favorite technology gadget. I think this is a good start for teens. At this level, they  write paragraphs instead of 3 or 4 paragraph essays. 


If you want to ask your students to do something similar.


Tuesdays & Thursdays


Name   Age  Gender  Blog url  
Alexia Ruiz  15  Female  http://youmakeme-feel.blogspot.com.br  
Beatriz S. Moreira  15  Female  http://beatrizsilva255.blogspot.com.br 
Guilherme Queiroz Reis 15 Male http://guilherme255.blogspot.com.br 
João Victor Clemente  15  Male  http://john255.blogspot.com.br  
Julia G. Medeiros  14  Female  http://let-meholdyou.blogspot.com.br  
Thiago S. Jorge  13  Male  http://thiago264.blogspot.com.br 
Estevão F. Medeiros  16  Male  http://estevao255.blogspot.com.br 
Andressa 15 Female


Brisa  15  Female  http://brisa255.blogspot.com.br   


Mondays & Wednesdays



Name   Age  Gender  Blog url 
Beatriz Maia   15  Female  http://beatriz2506.blogspot.com.br  
Beatriz Ximenes  15  Female  http://beatrizvximenes.blogspot.com.br  
Eduardo de Carli
Gabriel Erhardt 15 Male http://gabrielerhardt.blogspot.com.br/ 
Gabriel C. Barbosa (connectivity problems) 15  Male  http://cartaxo77.blogspot.com.br/
Gabriel Medeiros 16  Male  http://gabrielgmv256.blogspot.com.br/ 
Gabriela Tavares  17  Female  http://gabrielat256.blogspot.com.br   
Guilherme C. Souza  14 Male http://guilherme256.blogspot.com.br/
Isabela Arneiro  14 Female http://isabelaarneiro256.blogspot.com.br  
Lucas Galvão 15
Male http://lucasgomes256.blogspot.com.br  
Luccas Araujo 15 Male http://luccas256.blogspot.com.br  
Luisa Watanabe  15 Female http://luakemi256.blogspot.com.br  
Luiza L. Mesquita 14 Female http://luizadelima2.blogspot.com.br
Maria Carolina Borges 14 Female http://maria256.blogspot.com.br  
Nina Ricci 16 Female http://ninar256.blogspot.com.br  
Sthefany Santos 15 Female http://sthefany256.blogspot.com.br  
Victoria Oliveira 14 Female http://victoriavv256.blogspot.com.br  





Blog url
Ena 15 Female http://pretty-in-punk77.blogspot.com/
Leon 15 Male http://laylaaaa.blogspot.com/  
Silvija 15 Female http://bloggerblog111.blogspot.com/  
Sara R. 15 Female http://iambigdreamerr.blogspot.com/  
Lara 15 Female http://larissa5272.blogspot.com/  
Petar 15 Male http://petarpopovic.blogspot.com/  
Katja 16 Female http://heartattack96.blogspot.com/  
Sara B. 16 Female http://floyd-hasselbaink.blogspot.com/  
Ivana 15 Female http://fallingstar11.blogspot.com/  
Helena 15 Female http://being-yourself234.blogspot.com/  
Kristian 16 Male  
Ivona 16 Female http://anonymous756.blogspot.com







Stefhany Santos and Luisa Watanabe
Leon Kucinic  
João Victor Clemente and Luiza L. Mesquita Silvija Gašparovic  
Beatriz Ximenes and Julia G. Medeiros Petar Popovic  
Eduardo de Carli and Brisa
Sara Rajnovic  
Guilherme Queiroz Reis and Andressa. Ena Jurakic  
Gabriel Erhardt and Gabriela Tavares Ivana Mance  
Luccas Araujo and Gabriel C. Barbosa
Ivona Bogovic  
Alexia Ruiz and Estevão F. Medeiros
Katja Kolakovic  
Nina Ricci and Guilherme C. Souza
Sara Bozocevic  
Maria Carolina Borges and Gabriel Medeiros Helena Kirasic  
Victoria Oliviera and Lucas Galvão Adrijana Puskaric  
Beatriz Maia and
Lara Petkovic  
  Kristian Polic  








Stefhany Santos \Luisa Watanabe

Leon Kucinic http://laylaaaa.blogspot.com/


João Victor Clemente and Luiza L. Mesquita

Silvija Gašparovic http://bloggerblog111.blogspot.com/


Beatriz Ximenes and Julia G. Medeiros

Petar Popovic http://petarpopovic.blogspot.com/


Eduardo de Carli \ Brisa\ Thiago Jorge

Sara Rajnovic  http://floyd-hasselbaink.blogspot.com/


Guilherme Queiroz Reis and Andressa.

Ena Jurakic http://pretty-in-punk77.blogspot.com/


Gabriel Erhardt and Gabriela Tavares

Ivana Mance http://fallingstar11.blogspot.com/


Luccas Araujo \Gabriel C. Barbosa \Isabela Arneiro

Ivona Bogovic  http://anonymous756.blogspot.com


Alexia Ruiz and Estevão F. Medeiros 

Katja Kolakovic  http://heartattack96.blogspot.com/


Nina Ricci and Guilherme C. Souza 

Sara Bozocevic http://floyd-hasselbaink.blogspot.com/


Maria Carolina Borges and Gabriel Medeiros

Helena Kirasic http://being-yourself234.blogspot.com/


Victoria Oliviera and Lucas Galvão

Adrijana Puskaric http://english-nanasblog.blogspot.com/


Beatriz Maia and Beatriz S. Moreira

Lara Petkovic http://larissa5272.blogspot.com/



Kristian Polic




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